Blogging For Business: 7 Reasons To Start A Blog

7 Reasons to start a blog
It’s no secret that starting a blog can be time-consuming. From researching topics to editing and formatting, there’s a lot that goes into crafting a blog post that grabs the attention of your target audience.
If you’ve been procrastinating on starting your blog, it’s time to kick into high gear. Check out these 7 benefits of blogging for business that can level up your marketing strategy.
Increase Website Visitors Over Time
These days, everyone and their grandma wants more website traffic. While methods vary on how to do this, starting a blog is one of the best ways you can increase traffic. That’s because unlike using paid ads or relying on an email list, a blog tells Google that you’re in this for the long-term.
By regularly publishing on your blog and sticking to a consistent schedule, search engines begin to recognize your site as active, thereby increasing the chances you’ll show up in search results. The key, however, is to produce high quality content that provides value to your ideal customer.
Keep Customers Updated With Company News
Besides sharing articles that help promote your products and services, blogging is an excellent way to keep customers informed on the latest happenings and events. No matter whether you’re a small local business or a large corporation, customers love to feel in the know when it comes to their favorite brands.
For example, if you just hired a new department manager, share it on the blog and introduce them. Will your business be attending a local event or state fair? Definitely share that on the blog. By publishing company news, you’re showing potential customers that you’re not constantly trying to sell, which helps build trust with your brand.
Ready-Made Content For Social Media
With so many demands on your time, the last thing you want to be doing is scrambling to find something to post on social media. The beauty of blogging is that you can easily repurpose your blog content for social media pages.
Think of your blog as a storehouse of reusable content that can be tweaked for twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. When you publish a super helpful article on your blog that’s relevant to what you’re selling, pick a main theme from the article and turn that into a social media post.
For instance, if your business is offering landscape services to homeowners and your article is about the benefits of mulching, you could create an Instagram post that explains the difference between organic and inorganic mulches.
Helps Your Business Develop New Leads
Perhaps the greatest thing about blogging for business is that every visitor who reads your blog has the potential to become a lead. This is typically done by including a call-to-action at the end of your post.
You could offer things like a free consultation, discount, or trial period in exchange for their contact information, which is usually an email address. This is a great way to entice potential customers to sign up for your newsletter by giving them a free offer through the call-to-action part of your blog post.
Or your call-to-action could be as simple as reminding readers to share your post on their social networks. With a little planning, there are lots of creative ways you can turn website visitors into new leads by offering them something irresistible.
Positions Your Business As The Authority
If you want to develop trust with your customers, then positioning yourself as the thought leader of your niche is an effective strategy. A blog can serve as the medium through which you share your expertise and knowledge of your industry.
While listicles and how-to articles are great for this, you can also set yourself apart by sharing your thoughts on a recent case study or a piece of news within your field. If there’s something you notice competitors doing that you disagree with, turn that into a blog post and get a discussion going. People love to hear from someone that has an opinion.
Or you can write about a part of your profession that you think needs improvement. Not every blog post needs to be all sunshine and roses; by embracing some potentially unpleasant topics, you’re humanizing your business and showing customers you’re not afraid to have a point of view.
Network With Similar Businesses
Blogs aren’t just for attracting customers – they can also do double duty as a powerful networking tool within your business niche. And by keeping an eye on what other similar businesses are publishing, you can make sure you’re always producing relevant content.
Commenting on another business’s blog post or even sharing their content is an excellent way to build partnerships that can lead to more of your links being shared in return. No business is an island, so it makes sense to nurture strategic relationships within your field.
You may be surprised how much this can lead to more referrals or invites to events. And it all starts with your blog!
Highlight Your Past Successes
Remember that your blog shouldn’t be just all text – you need pictures too, and lots of them! By sharing images of your past work along with an article, your blog becomes a virtual portfolio that new customers can explore.
Did you recently complete a job that had the customer raving about you to their neighbors? Write about it! Include pictures of you or your team working on the job site.
Even better, post some before and after photos if that’s relevant to your business and services. This also helps potential new leads get an idea of the kind of results they should expect and how your business can meet their needs.
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